Global Appraisal of Individual Needs

Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) is an integrated biopsychosocial assessment, designed by 
Chestnut Health Systems to assess patient history, substance use, mental status and offers recommendations for treatment.  There are several assessment tools under the GAIN umbrella, in Michigan we will specifically utilize the GAIN Initial - Core (GAIN I-Core).

The GAIN I-Core is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to support clinical diagnosis, placement, treatment planning, performance monitoring, program planning and economic analysis.  It is considered evidence-based practice and designed to be used primarily in clinical settings.  When establishing goals and objectives with a client, the initial step in developing an individualized treatment and recovery plan involves the completion of a biopsychosocial assessment using the DSM-V and ICD-10. The GAIN I-Core includes DSM-V diagnosis and ICD-10 coding.

In Michigan, GAIN I-Core assessment interviews must be completed by a licensed, Master's Degree Prepared clinician who is a Certified GAIN Administrator, GAIN Local Trainer or Site interviewer. 

A GAIN Assessment Building System (ABS) account is required and allows users to interactively administer all the GAIN instruments, immediately generate narrative reports based on the information collected and export the information collected to a data file.  SUD providers are required to create an organization account and individual clinician accounts. Use of GAIN ABS provides access to aggregated data and is the method for transferring client assessment(s) and reports between providers. 


Completed GAIN I-Core assessments are eligible for reimbursement using the code H0001-HV (modifier) in Mid-State Health Network's online record system (REMI).  GAIN I-Core can be conducted and billed once every six months.  At a minimum, re-assessment should be conducted annually.

There are two opportunities for reimbursement, 1) Clinician time toward Site Interviewer Certification and/or 2) Local Trainer time certifying Site Interviewers. The Gain Billing Form can be downloaded from the Forms page of our website.  For assistance with completing the form, download the Billing Form Instructions.


Mid-State Health Network provides training and Site interviewer certification to all SUD Providers in our region.  Please email Jan Maino, GAIN Implementation Coordinator or call 517.252.7673 with questions regarding current or upcoming training opportunities.


For those conducting GAIN I-Core assessment interviews, below are frequently used materials.

GAIN I-Core Paper Copy with training prompts

Two Year Calendar

GAIN Response Card Options

As this is a new requirement for SUD Providers, as well as Mid-State Health Network, we offer a comprehensive list of
Frequently Asked Questions for you to download.  It is important to note that these will be updated as the implementation evolves.  We recognize that the implementation of this newly required assessment tool requires time and flexibility.  Mid-State Health Network values your commitment to providing exceptional service.