Community Mental Health Service Participants

The development and management of the CMHSP Service Delivery System are functions delegated by Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) to the CMHSP Participants. MSHN requires each CMHSP to have written policies and procedures and to maintain evidence of compliance with network development standards that meet state and federal requirements. Each CMHSP assigns staff to carry out the network development and management functions delegated by MSHN in a manner consistent with the standards and requirements established by MDHHS, the BBA and MSHN.  

Delegation Grid

MSHN ensures an adequate and sufficient network of providers through a variety of mechanisms including, but not limited to, the development of a comprehensive provider directory, regular reviews of access and availability data, review of annual CMHSP Community Needs Assessments and Demand for Services data, review of utilization reports, and solicitation of stakeholder input.

2023 Network Adequacy Assessment