MSHN recognizes the importance of adjusting the COVID-19 response as we determine each phase of readiness, response and recovery.  This page is dedicated to the most current information for Fiscal Year 2022 and beyond.  MSHN is committed to make resources available to the provider network to ensure all proper measures are taken to protect staff, their families, community partners, and the vulnerable populations we serve.

MSHN Guidance and Resources

Submit questions related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), by emailing   

State of Michigan Guidance and Resources

The State of Michigan provides updates on the disease's spread within the state, as well as frequently asked questions available here.

MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine information can be located here.

Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration (BHDDA) posts communications related to COVID-19 policy updates and changes which impact the public behavioral health system.

BHDDA Issues MSA 20-58 COVID-19 Response: Speciality Behavioral Health Supports and Servcies

MDHHS Epidemic Orders & Related Communications

Telehealth/Telephonic - General Guidance:
Public Behavioral Health Services:

Federal Guidance and Resources