Compliance and Quality Reports

Compliance Summary Report

The Compliance Summary Report contains information for MSHN internal audits and external audits.  The internal audits are completed by MSHN and include the Delegated Managed Care reviews for the Provider Network. The external audits are completed by the Michigan Department of of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG).  The reviews completed by MDHHS include the HSW Waiver review, Substance Use Disorder review and Autism review.  The reviews completed by HSAG include the Performance Measure Validation review, Performance Improvement Project and Compliance Monitoring review.

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan (QAPIP) and Annual Effectiveness Review

The QAPIP annual effectiveness review is a written report describing the work of MSHN’s councils, committees and workgroups; performance measure reports; evaluation of the QAPIP goals; evaluation of MSHN’s strategic plan; QAPIP priorities; and the Balanced Scorecard.

Performance Indicators

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) delegates the collection and reporting of performance indicators to the PIHP as defined in the Michigan Mission Based Performance Indicator System (MMBPIS).  The performance indicators have been selected to measure dimensions of quality that include access/timeliness for services, efficiency and outcomes.  There are 5 indicators that have been established by MDHHS that are the responsibility of the PIHP to collect and submit on a quarterly basis.  The established standards for indicators #1 and #4 are 95% or above and the standard for indicator #10 is 15% or less.  Indicators #2 (Percentage who have had a completed Bio-Psychosocial Assessment within 14 days) and #3 (Percentage who had a medically necessary service within 14 days) are new effective 4.1.2020.  There is no established standard for the Indicators #2 and #3 until one year of baseline data has been collected. The indicators are for persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorder.