Practice Guidelines

MSHN supports and requires the use of nationally accepted and mutually agreed upon clinical practice guidelines including evidence-based practices (EBPs) to ensure the use of research-validated methods for the best possible outcomes for service recipients as well as best value in the purchase of services and supports. Practice guidelines include clinical standards, evidence-based practices, practice-based evidence, best practices, and promising practices that are relevant to the individuals served.

CMHSP participants and the Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Provider System under contract to provide prevention and/or treatment services for mental health and/or substance use disorders will deliver services in a manner which reflects the values and expectations contained in nationally accepted or mutually agreed upon practice guidelines.  The guidlines can be found at the MDHHS Policies and Practice Guidelines page and include, but are not limited to:

Access Standards

Behavior Treatment Plans Technical Requirement

Consumerism Practice Guideline

Employment Works! Policy

Family-Driven and Youth-Guided Policy and Practice Guideline

Housing Practice Guideline

Inclusion Practice Guideline

Person-Centered Planning Practice Practice Guideline

Personal Care in Non-Specialized Residential Settings

School-to-Community Transition

SED Children Technical Requirement

School-to-Community Transition Guideline

Self-Determination Practice & Fiscal Intermediary Guideline

Self-Direction Technical Requirement Implementation Guide

Trauma Policy