Newsletter October 2022

Utilization Management & Care Coordination
Skye Pletcher-Negrón, LPC, CAADC
Director of Utilization and Care Management

SUD Services for Individuals Involved with MDOC

As board members are aware, Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) began managing Substance Use Disorder
(SUD) services for individuals referred by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) in April 2020. MDOC
probation and parole agents are able to refer individuals under their supervision directly to any MSHN-contracted
outpatient SUD provider to receive a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for the most appropriate
services and level of care to meet their needs. MDOC agents are also able to make direct referrals to the MSHN
Utilization Management (UM) department for individuals in need of residential treatment without having to wait for
an outpatient assessment to occur first. This direct referral process through MSHN UM facilitates quicker
admissions to residential treatment and ensures that individuals are given options of providers to choose from
based on their preferences and needs.

Another way MSHN improved access to care for this priority population during FY 2022 was by implementing a new
discharge planning process for individuals who are receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) while in prison.
The MSHN UM department coordinates with MDOC staff to schedule an appointment with a MAT provider in the
community where the person will be living. This prevents disruptions in treatment and ensures timely follow-up care
when people are at increased risk for relapse immediately following release from prison.

During FY 2022 MSHN provided SUD treatment services to 1,866 individuals involved with MDOC

  • 279 individuals received residential treatment services
  • 126 individuals received recovery housing services
  • Over 500 individuals received peer recovery support services

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans
(PIHPs) will receive designated funding in FY 2023 to establish an SUD discharge support and complex care
management position at each PIHP. The position must be dedicated to supporting SUD providers with meeting the
needs of priority population individuals with specific attention given to those involved with MDOC. MSHN is in the
process of evaluating its current staffing structure and developing a job description which will meet these needs.
MSHN looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality SUD treatment services and supports to individuals under
the supervision of MDOC in FY 2023.

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