Newsletter August 2021

Quality, Compliance & Customer Service

Kim Zimmerman, MBA-HC, LBSW, CHC
Director of Quality, Compliance and Customer Service

Consumer Participation in MSHN Councils and Committees

Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) is promoting meaningful, region-wide consumer involvement by establishing a process to include consumer representation on MSHN’s Councils and Committees outside of the MSHN Consumer Advisory Council. The role will be to assist MSHN in strengthening and improving the quality of service delivery through review of policies, practices, key metrics related to improved health outcomes, new initiatives, and service availability. Consumer representatives will communicate the greater consumer experience with the aim of advocating for changes which will benefit the needs and interests of all MSHN consumers.

To qualify for participation, the individual must be a primary and/or secondary consumer with a minimum of two years of experience with services through MSHN’s community mental health services programs (CMHSP) and/or substance use disorder services programs (SUDSP). Members will be selected to represent one (or more) groups inclusive of an adult with mental illness, an adult with developmental challenges, an adult with a substance use disorder, a parent/guardian of a child/children with mental illness, and/or a parent/guardian of a child/children with developmental challenges.

MSHN will appoint members to the Quality Improvement Council and the Customer Service Committee.
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